Understanding Cooperatives Edit

The cooperative is a group of people or legal entities aimed at socio-economic improvement of its members with meeting the needs of its members by way of joint mutual id between trying the one by the other with how to limit the advantages of such efforts should be based upon principles of economy.
The Cooperative Principle

In Indonesia the cooperative (koperasi)personalities as reflection of life influenced by circumstances and environment that is based on the principle of family that has the motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. For the cooperative principle of family there is awareness, and responsibility to the work without thought of self-interest but for prosperity together.

The Purpose Of The Cooperative Edit

Cooperative aiming prosper members in particular and society in General as well asjoin the order of the national economy in order mewujudkanmasyarakat, fair, and prosperous based on Pancasila and the 1945 CONSTITUTION. SHU Koperasi

The function and role of cooperatives Edit

The cooperative provides a greater ability to heighten the power of potential members in particular and society in General to achieve prosperity in a fair manner based upon the principle of family.

The cooperative principle

The cooperative principle is unity and are inseparable in the life of the cooperative. By implementing the cooperative principle embodies the whole of himself as the business entity as well as the movement of a calm people's social economy. (lambang koperasi)

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