The FGM-148 Javelin is a player held item, designed for engaging surface target.

Gameplay Edit

The Javelin is a powerful anti-material weapon, capable of tracking all kinds of ground targets, including the new tanks.

Operation is done by holding down the use button, pointing towards the desired target, and pressing the 'Attack' button. Similar to the Stinger in operation, Javelin Missiles have the ability to perform two attack behaviours, this can be toggled between Direct Mode or Top Mode, damage varies depending on the angle of attack. These also have a larger blast radius and can often leave craters in the landscape afterwards.

Against the Environment Edit

The Javelin is ideal for swarms of enemies or flying bosses that are close to the ground. As long as the player is a good distance away and not used in indoors that it can be a devastating tool to all mobs.

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