UAV Station
UAV Icon
Type Station
Speed 0
Health 0
Flares No
Armed No
Capacity 1
Night vision No
Entity radar No
Gunner mode (helicopters only) No
VTOL (planes only) No
Crafting Recipe UAV Recipe

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Station is the remote controller used in the mod to launch and control UAVs and launch target practice drones.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Edit

General Atomic MQ-9 Reaper

Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout

Northrop Grumman X-47B Pegasus

RC Goblin

RC Goblin Bomber

User Interface Edit


The GUI opens immediately after entering the station by right-clicking it. It can closed by pressing ESC or E.

The X, Y, and Z inputs program the UAV to spawn at a specific coordinate in meters away from the station. (-12, +2, -12) is the default coordinate. The Y coordinate should be higher than 0 so the UAV does not spawn in the ground.

Placing a UAV in the first slot immediately gives player the view of the aircraft and full control remotely. Flying too far from the UAV will result in loss of signal strength represented by bars in the HUD until total loss of control. Signal drops out completely at around 120m away from the UAV station, regardless of the UAV launched. This will cause the drone to crash and explode.

Placing a target practice drone (denoted by a crosshair in its icon) in the first slot immediately launches it, and the drone will fly around the station for players to shoot. It will continue to circle around the station until destroyed.

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